2019 Zhongshan Int’l Games & Amusement Fair

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Preview of G&A 2019

G&A has become an increasingly professional, influential and effective event in games and amusement industry since the past ten years. G&A 2019 is expected to host 18,000+ Buyers and 450+ Exhibitors and bring you a whole variety of quality products, including amusement rides, water park slides, inflatables, arcade games, VR/AR games, children’s indoor play structure, attraction facilities, redemption prize machines, tourism programme design, etc.

Introducing Three of Our Featured Exhibitors

Universal Space (UNIS)
Founded in in 1994, UNIS has become one of the biggest global exporters and makers of arcade games and rides, shipping to over 60 countries and regions. It has established research and development centers in Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Canada, and etc, yearly rolling out over 40 new products to the global market.

NINED is a high-tech company providing VR equipment and solutions for gaming, education, real estate, and etc. Via franchising and direct operation, NINED’s VR arcade network covers over 80 countries and regions with 5000+ locations. The company owns a modern production base with an area of 32,000 sq.m, and 6 sales offices in California, Beijing, Panyu, Jinan, Xi ‘an and Zhongshan.

Dalang Water Park
Established in 1999, Dalang has provided turn-key services and products for 2000+ clients in 60+ countries and regions, including Russia, Vietnam, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, and etc. Employing the industry’s most advanced European five-axis CNC machine, the company is able to create one after another landmark in the water park manufacturing industry.

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